Misting System

Misting fan systems deliver a cool oscillating mist that creates a cooling effect in outdoor patios and lounge environments such as family get-togethers and backyard pool parties. Outdoor misting fans use a nozzle and tube assembly for a fast set up. The oscillating fans of a misting system ensure that there is even cooling coverage. Are you looking to purchase a mist cooling system? We have everything you need.

At Cool-Off, we have misting systems ranging from low pressure to high pressure misting fan systems. We have various portable misting fans, designed to meet our clients’ needs. Our mist cooling fans applications include; outdoor fans, sports misting fans, dust control fans, and industrial fans.

What are the Tips for Using a Misting Fan?

The idea of misting fans appeals to many because of their portability, which makes them ideal for outdoor uses. Regardless of your why you want to own a misting fan, the following tips will help you make the most out of your mist cooling system:

  • Read the User Manual

There is no excuse for not reading the user manual. This is mostly because misting fans are different and require to be operated differently. On the user manual, you will get the precautionary measures needed while handling the misting fan. It’s important to use the instruction manual to keep you and your family safe.

  • Use your Misting Fan in a Well-Ventilated Area

One of the biggest advantages of a misting fan is that it can be placed in any environment. That said, it should be used in areas that are properly ventilated. This will help avoid water build-up on the surfaces that are next to it. Make sure the mist does not get into electrical components as it could cause serious damages, including an electric shock.

Which Mist Nozzle Options Should You Consider?

The type and size of your mist cooling system will determine the amount of water to be used. However, the kind and number of nozzles in a misting fan are the most common factors used to estimate water required. Consider the following nozzle options to get the best misting fan:

  • Quality Material

Some nozzles are made of quality long lasting materials compared to others. Stainless steel nozzles are more resistant to wear, making them ideal for high-pressure systems that need to be put into a lot of use.

  • Anti-Drip Adapters

Get a misting fan with nozzles that have anti-drip adapters to prevent water from dripping on wood, machinery, or even on your guests.

Nozzle Care

People living in areas with hard water should protect the tubing and nozzles of their misting fan by installing a filtering system in the intake line. Filters will help remove any sediments and calcium from the water for the nozzles to continue delivering fine mist.

Purchase a Misting Fan

Buy our affordable misting system to refresh your life outdoors. At Cool-Off, we are the leading suppliers of quality and reliable mist cooling systems. Call 800-504-6478 to place your order today.