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Sewer Services

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Are you concerned about your sewer lines because of shifting soil? Murray Plumbing offers sewer line repair, replacement, and cleaning. Whether your pipes are cracked, punctured, or collapsed, there’s no need to stress. The important thing is to get in touch right away. Our specialists will respond with the sense of urgency you would hope to see in such an emergency scenario. That’s because Murray Plumbing understands what a major disruption sewer problems can represent, no to mention the expense that’s associated with it. Not to worry:  as northern California’s most trusted names in plumbing, we proudly offer free estimates and fair pricing, putting quality first every step of the way.

With the introduction of sewer cameras, Murray Plumbing is even able to deliver pinpoint accuracy to each customer, taking all guesswork out of the process. Sewer inspection cameras are specially built waterproof cameras that can be inserted through a pipeline to complete a visual inspection of sewer lines and other difficult-to-reach pipes. They are designed to inspect pipes that are underground, encased in concrete, behind walls, and beneath your home’s foundation. Sewer cameras reduce the need to dig, which can be costly and disruptive, affecting both the functionality and appearance of your home or business. Murray Plumbing has the most advanced technology, making the whole process far less invasive and time-consuming. 

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