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Water Heaters

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Most people rarely see their water heater so they rarely think about it until there’s an issue. Fortunately, it is often possible to fix a water heater leak, but the job is labor-intensive and it isn’t always easy to identify the source of a leak right away. Murray Plumbing is skilled in water heater repair and in the instances when a repair is not possible, we’re skilled in the water heater replacement process as well. If that’s the case, Murray Plumbing can dispose of your old water heater safely and efficiently. Does your heater need to occupy an unusual size in order to fit a specific area? Contact the professionals at Murray Plumbing if you start to see signs of rust and corrosion or water discoloration, or you start hearing unusual noises from your water heater. Murray Plumbing is northern California’s trusted name in water heater repair and replacement. Whether you want to try to repair your current water heater or improve your home’s energy-efficiency with a tankless version, Murray Plumbing can ensure your plumbing stands the test of time. We carry some of the most efficient products on the market, and our high-efficiency water heaters help save money on your utilities in the long run. If you’re satisfied with your current water heater, be sure to have it serviced with regular maintenance to ensure it lasts as long as it should! A water heater is a significant investment, after all. Murray Plumbing can help to safeguard its long haul durability! 

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