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Water Leaks

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The worst part about water leaks is waste. That goes for both the water itself, but then also the waste in money that will sometimes only reveal itself when the water bill arrives. One of the many proactive measures you can take includes checking your home for any leaks. You don’t need to conduct an inspection from beginning to end in one sitting, but Murray Plumbing recommends being aware of the general condition of your pipes as you are doing laundry or whenever they are visible throughout the house. Keep an eye out for water leaks, even minor ones.

Exactly how long your pipes last will depend on a variety of factors, including wear and tear, the weather of the region you live in, and the materials used, among other things. It’s worth noting that polybutylene pipes have the tendency to leak, so those should be checked a few times a year if they’re not replaced. That’s why Murray Plumbing only uses the highest quality materials when attending to repairs. If your house is on the newer side (built in or after the 1970s), the chances are your pipes are higher quality. On the other hand, if your pipes are rattling, clanging, clacking, and making more noise than they should be (more than water flowing through the pipes), that’s a good indication that something more serious is wrong with them. Are your pipes leaking? As El Dorado Hills trusted name in plumbing, Murray’s team is prepared to handle the job right away. Our plumbers understand that most plumbing issues, after all, constitute an emergency. It may be normal to have condensation on hot water pipes, but it’s definitely not normal for your pipes to spring a leak. If you spot a leak and opt for a patching job rather than a repiping job, please remember that all the pipes in your home are likely made from the same material and they may be next. To avoid further, more-costly repairs (like water damage from burst pipes), you may want to consider repiping your entire house when you spot a leak. Murray Plumbing is prepared to repair or repipe right away.

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